Tour Details

Completely guided and Escorted Bicycle Group Tour Mosel and Romantic Middle Rhine

Countries   Germany
Tour Length   9 days
Dates Of Tour   Tuesday, August 3, 2010
(03th August - 11th August 2010)
Type of Tour Road (Guided)
Price $990 (Per person 729,- €)
Day 1
03th August 2010 Konz

Your own jorney into the village Konz on the Mosel, the village where flows the Saar into the Mosel. Next international Airport is Frankfurt, from Frankfurt you can travel with train in 2 and a half hour to Konz. In afternoon wlecome drink and talking about the tour and all important things around our trip.
Instruction of the technologie of the bicycles, and a short test ride along the Saar.
Overnight accomodation in Konz

Day 2
04th August 2010 Konz - Echternach - Konz

In the morning after the breakfast we cycle comfortably to the bank of the Mosel, and evenly and flat goes it to the Mosel along to north. After 10 kilometers we change the Mosel with a ferry boat to Wasserbillig. From Wasserbillig we follow on the german side the smal and pretty river Sour ( Sauer ). Here flows the Sour into the Mosel, and the Sour is a border river between Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We follow the romantic sour valley cycle track by the small wine places Mesenich, Langsur, Rosport. In Moersdorf you should look at the imposante timber bridge to Metz village. In Irrel it is time for an expanded lunch time, and on afternoon is again back along the Sour, this time however on the Luxemburger side. In Wasserbillig back with ferry boat to the other side from the Mosel, and a short way will bring you back to your hotel in Konz.
Overnight accomodation in Konz.

Day 3
05th August 2010 Konz - Trier - Trittenheim 30 Miles

In the morning after the breakfast we cycle comfortably to the bank of the Mosel, and evenly and flat goes it to the Mosel along to Trier into the more than 2000 years old city Trier, the oldest city of Germany. On the Porta Nigra is the meeting point for your city guidance in English language by the historie of Trier, duration 3 hours. After your expanded lunch time you follow the Mosel, and here one of the most well-known areas of cultivation of wine of Germany already comes. In the old ferry tower in Schweich you can make a good break, sit outside on the terrace and enjoey a good glass wine. Mehring has the reconstruction of the Roman mansion Rustica, which you should look at yourself. In Trittenheim a wine didactic exhibition informs about the working life of the winegrower, also about to the Mosel domestic wine parts and vine cultivation.
Overnight accomodation in Trittenheim, in evening wine test at a wine farmers house

Day 4
06th August 2010 Trittenheim - Bernkastel-Kues 20 Miles

Well rested, we continue to ride along the Moselle, through beautiful wine hills we approach Neumagen-drone, known by the artifact of the Roman wine ship. In Piesport you have the opportunity to visit an ancient Roman wine press before we Bernkastel-Kues approach with its old town center, which is characterized by its old half-timbered houses. Enjoy the atmosphere in Bernkastel-Kues, our present stage stop.

Day 5
07th August 2010 Bernkastel-Kues - Zell 29 Miles

A good wine hill after the other one accompanies today your way to the Mosel. Kroever naked ass, "Kröver Nacktarsch", a special name, which one cannot translate so completely into English, is not only because of its special name world well-known. In Traben Trarbach you have opportunity to cost once of it. Enjoy you afterwards a relaxed ship tour on the Mosel. To a break in Enkirch, the best sightseeing of the framework architecture of the Mosel, you come to Zell. Also in Zell a special, world-well-known wine situation is, the Zeller black cat. "Zeller schwarze Katz". Try, because the wine of the Mosel is very good. Overnight accomodation in Zell

Day 6
08th August 2010 Zell - Cochem 27 Miles

After the good breakfast cycle you to the Mosel along, you come to the framework houses place Beilnstein, also "Rothenburg to the Mosel" called. Here you must make an visite. Later greets you from highly above the Reichsburg, a old castle, which you should see absolutely from the inside, It is appropriate above Cochem, make your bicycle a break, because it is only a short footpath to the Reichsburg, in its inside is a museum, where one can discover many historical things of theMiddle Age. Overnight accomodation in Cochem

Day 7
09th August 2010 Cochem - Koblenz -Boppard 30 Miles

Today we have on our journey along the Moselle, the opportunity to visit the Castle Elz *** as an option, a part of the group ride to the Castle Elz, and who want to continue cycling along the Mosel *** where you can during a leadership peculiarities of life experienced in the Middle Ages. In the afternoon we reach the German Corner in Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine. Then we follow the Rhine in the romantic Middle Rhine Valley, also UNESCO World Heritage site, now up to Boppard.
Overnight accomadation in Boppard

Day 8
10th August 2010 Boppard - Rüdesheim 28 Miles

Today we ride in the now very narrow middle Rhine Valley, the Lorely salutes from her rock, and they reach the ship of stone, the "Palatinate near Kaub. On the other side of the Rhine, the old dark and gloomy castle Gutenfels greet someone, and in the old town Bacharch, it will certainly give a glass or Rhine Riesling. On our further journey up the Rhine, you have the opportunity to visit the castle Reichenstein, to admire the culture of the Middle Ages. Bingen, the ferry takes us to the other side of the Rhine to Rudesheim, where you can end your day with a stroll through the vineyards and an evening stroll through Rudesheim.

Day 9
11th August 2010 Rüdesheim

After breakfast your bike ride ends, of Rüdesheim you have train in all relations, and also back to Trier.

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