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Bhutan Multisport: Biking & Walking the Himalayan Kingdom - Premiere Inn

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Countries   Bhutan
Tour Length   8 days
Dates Of Tour   Saturday, April 30, 2011
Saturday, October 1, 2011
Saturday, October 29, 2011
Type of Tour Road (Multi-Sport, Guided)
Price $5,998 (price depends on date of departure - From $5998 to $6198)
Day 1
Namgay, our local guide, longtime friend and former National Assembly member

Opens doors normally closed to foreigners. Ride above Paro Dzong, a massive monastic fortress built to commemorate a 1644 victory over the Tibetans, then see what lies within. Peruse handicrafts in Paro’s tiny mercantile shops.

Level 1 • 1 Route Option Available
Hiking 3.2 miles
300 feet elevation gain

Day 2 to 3
Bike through Bhutan's culturally and scenically rich valleys

Dochu La pass dazzles with panoramas of snowcapped Himalayan peaks. Ethereal villages and rice paddies enliven your ride to Punakha Valley. Engage with monks in between their meditations. Hike to Chorten Nebu, a remote 14th-century temple accessible only by foot and seldom visited by international travelers.

Day 2
Levels 1 to 2 • 2 Route Options Available
Biking 16, 29 miles
0 - 200 feet elevation gain; 2500 feet elevation loss

Day 3
Level 1 • 3 Route Options Available
Guided Walk 1 hour
Hiking 3.3, 4.7 miles
1250 - 1400 feet elevation gain
Biking 11 miles
0 - 500 feet elevation gain

Day 4 to 5
Immersion into an ancient landscape where life's daily rituals remain sacred

Hike to a monastery that seems to float among the clouds - at 12,000 feet, it almost does. Feast your eyes on vibrant Bhutanese painting, sculpture and textile arts in Thimphu, the capital city. Curious about Buddhism and how it defines life here? Our historian will enlighten you. Tackle the steep but rewarding walk from Dodina village to Cheri Goemba Monastery.

Day 4
Level 2 • 1 Route Option Available
Hiking 5.3 miles
1000 feet elevation gain; 2000 feet elevation loss

Day 5
Levels 1 to 2 • 4 Route Options Available
Walking 3.2 miles
0 - 500 feet elevation gain
Hiking 2 miles
800 feet elevation gain
11, 23 miles
500 feet elevation gain

Day 6 to 8
Hike to secluded Buddhist monasteries and temples, including the famed Tiger's Nest

Climb an ancient path to the Taktshang teahouse, situated at 9,200 feet and offering superb views of the valley and otherworldly Taktshang Monastery.

Day 6
Hiking 3.7 miles
300 feet elevation gain

Day 7
Levels 1 to 2 • 3 Route Options Available
Hiking 3.3, 6.1 miles
1700 - 2200 feet elevation gain
Biking 15 miles
450 feet elevation gain

Day 8
Conclusion of Trip

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